Giada, 18 years old, Italy.
Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran.
Glee, Sherlock, Queer As Folk, Faking it, My Mad Fat Diary, Orange Is The New Black, Breaking Bad, Shameless.
Klaine, Crisscolfer, Jhonlock, Sheriatry, Britin, Karmy and Gallavich are my OTPs.
Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are my loves.



dont get me wrong I LOVE ED SHEERAN but he basically writes about the exact same tragic and beautiful things taylor does so why is there never any criticizing from the media for him? why does everyone just feel the need to feast on rumors of taylor ugh ugh


Sono triste e vorrei sentirmi un po’ meno invisibile e sono stanca di piangere


imagine imagine dragons imagining dragons